Tactical Obedience Dog Training

Our tactical obedience dog training course is a positivity-reinforced take on civilian tactical obedience. We bring a valuable and unique training experience for both dog and handler. This course is perfect for pet guardians seeking a well-behaved companion or a working dog handler preparing for more specialized tasks. This course lays a solid foundation for a harmonious and obedient partnership with your canine friend.

Course Features

This course teaches your dog positional commands and has your dog learn verbal cues, hand prompts, and learns how to respond to your body movements through contact obedience. Going through positional commands, transitional behaviours, a higher level of obedience is gained.


Tactical Obedience – Prerequisites: None | all ages

Intermediate Tactical Obedience – Prerequisites: Tactical Obedience | 12 months or older

Advanced Plus Tactical Obedience – Prerequisites: Intermediate Tactical Obedience | 18 months or older



This activity requires dogs to be up to date on required vaccinations in Ontario, DA2PP and the rabies vaccine, we ask you please show us proof of vaccination prior to your session.

6 x (1 hour / Weekly)


Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule and avoid a $25 No Show Fee, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

Target Precise Behaviours

Piece Together Routines

Build Your Dog's Working Drive

Work With New Equipment

Training Outside Of The Box

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