Is it possible for us to become clients, even though my dog has exhibited aggression in the past?

Safety holds a prominent position among our top priorities. During our initial consultation, we will gather relevant information concerning any reactive or aggressive behavior and determine how we can provide our services safely. We will be clear and supportive when collaborating with you and your dog to address maladaptive behaviors. Our Certified Behaviour Consultant (CBCC-KA) will help you navigate any difficulties regarding such behaviours. However, please understand that we may need to discontinue certain services if we have concerns about general safety.

Are you Insured?

Yes, we have complete insurance coverage from trusted insurance providers, and we hold a valid license in both the province of Ontario, Canada and the Kitchener Municipality.

Does the same person work with my dog everytime?

Once we assign a trainer to your dog, they will remain your dedicated primary contact, fostering a comfortable and trusting bond. Should any changes ever be necessary, rest assured that we will notify you well in advance.

How many dogs can attend class at a time?

With our current facilities and 2 trainers, to maintain the desirable distance of 6 feet between dogs and give the proper attention to each individual, the maximum capacity for group classes will be 10. 

Will my dog ever be 'off-leash'?

During class time your dog will not be off-leash. Our facility is, however, equipped with the space and barriers to allow for off leash activities. For certain activities and socialization times, dogs will be allowed off leash. 

How do I schedule a training session?

Visit our services page to book your next lesson.

What are the requirements to join a class?

The mandatory Ontario vaccines for dogs are required. Distemper, Adenovirus-2 (Hepatitis), Parvovirus, Parainfluenza (DA2PP), and Rabies (For dogs under 16 weeks) are required for classes. For dog under 10 weeks of age special dispensation is required to ensure health and safety. Some courses require a prerequisite class to ensure that you and your dog have the necessary skills to succeed. To enter a class without the prerequisite course please contact our staff. 

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