Dog Luring Course

Our dog luring course teaches your dog to chase a mechanically operated lure through a course involving a series of obstacles and turns. This course is an excellent cardio workout for your dog and builds endurance, agility and stamina, while working directly with your dogs natural instinct to chase. Lure coursing works great for any dog that has a high prey drive. During the first lure course session, we work on helping your dog to gain confidence and understanding of the system, but it usually doesn’t take long for a dog to start chasing.

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Course Features

Our lure course is an exciting and engaging activity designed for dogs. It simulates the experience of hunting or chasing prey in a controlled and safe environment. The event takes place in a designated area, either in a field or at our facility, and involves a motorized lure that moves, zips and zags along a set path, enticing the dogs to chase and follow it.



This activity is not recommended for dogs who have sustained any injury to their muscles or joints or those who have had a recent surgery (included spay or neuter), so please let us know prior to your session.

15 Minutes




Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule and avoid a $25 No Show Fee, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

Speeds up to 58 km/hr

Indoor and outdoor use

Work impulse control

Unleashed sprints

Private rental opportunities

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