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Dog Rink is your ultimate destination for superior dog and puppy training in Kitchener, Ontario. Our mission is to provide a warm and inviting space for families to come together and enjoy all things dog-related.

With a spacious mezzanine overlooking our 1,000-square-feet of enclosed training arena, Dog Rink ensures that visitors of all ages can have fun while their dog gets the best training possible.

June Obedience Classes

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Puppergarten – Level 1 < 6 months (Hierarchy Model)
June 15th @6pm, June 22nd @12pm,
June 29th @3pm

Rookie Rovers – Level 1 > 6 months (Hierarchy Model)
June 14th @7pm, June 22nd @11am, June 25th @7pm

Canine College – Level 2                      (Clarity Model)
June 15th @4pm, June 28th @8pm

Dogtorate Program – Level 3              (Radius of Tolerance Model)
June 11th @8pm

For any inquiries or concerns please email

Sincerely, Chantelle and Chris

Dog Training Kitchener


Training and Socialization

Providing communication, enrichment, and strong bonds with a unique dog training program.

Adventure Ready Paws Dog Apparel


Custom Biothane

Give your pup some style with our custom-made dog apparel, tailored for the perfect fit and unique charm.

Dog Illustration Services


Companion Mementos

Where the magic of our furry friends comes alive in art, capturing the heart and soul of our beloved animals.

Eudaimonia Dog Training &
Working Wolf Dog Training Courses

Is your dog displaying unruly behavior, anxiety, or aggression? Discover the keys to a harmonious bond with a Dog Behavioral Specialist. With expert insight and tailored training, we help decode the language of your canine companion and offer solutions to behavioral challenges that foster stronger, more joyful connections between you and your dog. From obedience training to anxiety and aggression management, trust Dog Rink to bring out the best in your dog regardless of how young or old they are.

Certified Canine Behaviour Consultants

Certified Professional Dog Trainers

15 Years Experience

What Our Clients Say

We would like to thank Chris for everything he did for our dog and for us. Our 1-year-old puppy just completed 6-week course for the beginners, and we see huge difference. Chris’s classes are very well organized: informative, supportive, practical, and a lot of fun. Lessons printouts were very useful for home review and exercising. We and our puppy learned a lot. Chris approached every dog in our small group very individually, perfectly noting changes in patterns from class to class and pointing out what you and your dog needed.

Highly recommend taking this course. You will see and feel your baby dog differently by the end of classes. Huge difference between first class and last class.

Irina, Eugene & Phil Z

I just wanted to take the time to thank you for all your help with Bella, you went above and beyond and I could have never done it without you. It is remarkable how far she has come. She now loves playing with kids and doesn’t rip my arm off when she sees another dog. She still has some work to do but I am confident with the skills you have shown me that she is going to do great! Thank you So much!

Kourtney and Bella

Working with Chris has changed my life. I brought home Boimler as a puppy who had been bounced around several homes, he had some big challenges with the world. The first time we met Chris was during a private class in an empty building, Boimler spent the first 20 minutes barking at Chris before settling down enough to start working. Through hours of hard work using positive reinforcement Boimler has learned how to interact with people and even other dogs in appropriate ways expected not just as a pet but also as an incredible service dog in training. I plan soon to be able to graduate him to a fully trained service dog, we couldn’t have done it without Chris and his guidance over the last 2 years working together.

Laura and Boimler

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