Our training center offers the following services.

What’s Included? Learn, Love & Play. And Fun, Always Fun.


Level 1 Dog Training

Learn the fundamentals of communication with your dog and the basic skills. Creating the foundation for patterns and problem solving. Explaining the puppy nuances.

Rookie Rovers

Level 1 Dog Training

Learn the fundamentals of communication with your dog and the basic skills. Addressing fundamental patterns and problem solving for dogs of all ages.

Canine College

Level 2 Dog Training

Develop stronger patterns and advance in your communication while introducing distractions and creating resilience.

Dogtorate Program

Level 3 Dog Training

Create the lifestyle you wish with your canine companion by proofing against distractions and working towards a social and spontaneous life.

First Aid Training for Canines

Dog First Aid and CPR

Learning canine first aid and cpr

First Aid Training for Canines

Dog Lure Course

A lure course is a mechanically operated lure that dogs chase through course involving a series of obstacles and turns.

Tactical Obedience Dog Training

Challenge yourself in the mastery of tactical motions and positions.

Dog Agility & Sports Training

Learn the basics of agility while your dog is introduced to new and exciting equipment.

Dog Socialization Training

High tea for dogs, learning their manners for interaction.

Body Conditioning & Strength Building

Introduce exercises that build sound body mechanics and longevity. Support for sport or just for fun!

Good Dog Guru – Therapy Preparation 

Be the inspiration. Let your dog’s loving personality help the community around them. 

Tai Chi Fusion Course

Let the age old practice of Tai Chi bring a stronger bond and healthier lifestyle for both you and your canine companion.

Sport Preparation Course

An introduction to the various dog sports to keep your dog engaged and healthy. Discover your dog’s passion!

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