Canine First Aid & CPR

Learn through Canine Health Canada, from a certified canine First Aid & CPR professional and educator, how to confidently take care of your dog and others in your community, both in non-emergent and emergency scenarios. Train your dog to be calm, allow handling and medical treatment. Be educated to handle stressful situations and make the right decisions under pressure. Would you rather say “I know how to do that!” or “If only I knew how” when it really matters?


Learn hands-on basic care and prevention, gain more knowledge on risk management, perform CPR and mouth to snout (on dog mannequins), be educated on common medical issues by body part, discover how to approach and handle larger medical incidents. This course provides a manual and certificate upon completion.

First Aid Training for Canines

Important Note

Please be advised that this course involves canine mannequins and participants do not bring their own dogs. Live demo dogs will be brought in by the instructor.

1 Day (7 Hours)



Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule and avoid a $25 No Show Fee, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

Gain New Valuable Information

Perform Medical Treatments

Medication Info & Administration Tips

Assess, Manage and Care for Injuries

Teach Cooperative Care With Your Dog

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