Dog Obedience Sports Training

The Sport Preparation course for dogs introduces a new sport each week where your dog will learn new skills related to canicross, treibball, nosework and more. Our dogs are happiest when the are engaged and working. One of the best ways to keep our dogs and ourselves engaged is to find a sport that is inspiring and challenging. There are so many to choose from and in this course we hope you and your canine companions find your passion. The term Eudaimonia means happiness through work.

Course Features

Learn skills and principles that allow you to engage in canicross, treibball, nosework, agility, flyball, and canine freestyle. An introduction to the sports you may or may not have known existed, but always wanted to try.


This activity requires dogs to be up to date on required vaccinations in Ontario, DA2PP and the rabies vaccine, we ask you please show us proof of vaccination prior to your session.

6 x (1 hour / Weekly)


Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule and avoid a $25 No Show Fee, please contact us at least 24 hours in advance.

Exercise for You And Your Dog

Indoor and Outdoor Sports

Unlock Potential You Didn't Know About

The Key to a Healthier Dog

Have Fun! Always Fun!

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