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Chantelle Mazik


Creating joy through the unique human and canine bond. On a mission to enhance lives by fostering positive and lasting partnerships with our dogs. Join Working Wolf Dog Training for a harmonious and fulfilling relationship with your furry family member, where potential meets a lifetime of shared adventures.

Working Wolf Dog Training

Chris Mallick


Achieving happiness through work. Our furry family members are happiest when they are at work. At Eudaimonia Dog Training, we offer instruction, support, and growth for the entire family to help build and strengthen this working relationship.

Eudaimonia Dog Training
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About The Dog Rink

The Dog Rink supports local dog businesses. From art to apparel. But our focus is dog behaviour. Our trainers are consistently growing, learning and staying at the forefront of training ideology. We developed a unqiue training model to increase the communication between dogs and their family members. The Clarity Model will help you and your canine companion to reach another level of understanding in your relationship.

The Dog Rink facility was transformed from a machine shop. With the size and layout, it quickly became a lengthy project. After 68 litres of cleaning concentrate, patched walls and some trial and error learning to use a paint gun, the walls got covered in 40 gallons of paint. The floors were stripped, sealed and polished with 52 litres of floor cleaner. With the cleaning finished it was time to begin designing the training rings. The floor is lined with thick rubber mats, closed in by wooden frames with hockey boards. The Dog Rink name was born!

The upstairs viewing/social space allows families to have a comfortable place to relax and watch training or simply be entertained with a variety of activities for all ages. We are excited to invite everyone into The Dog Rink and build a community around dogs!

  • Just over 4,000 sq ft facility

  • Over 1,000 sq ft training ring space

  • Exercise stall with treadmill

  • Large viewing/social space upstairs

  • Dog vendor set ups/ apparel/ art/ photography

  • Open office and seating section

  • Multiple bathrooms

  • Onsite parking

  • Indoor Lure Course And more

  • Agility course training
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